I inspire and help people to live their Healthiest and Happiest Lives!


FullSizeRenderWhen I first began my practice and the conversation of “what do you do?” would come up, my earliest response was: I am a Certified Health Coach, which was almost always followed by that pregnant pause in the conversation with their eyes clearly saying …… and? I would then proceed to trip over my tongue a little, using far to many words about what I did and invariably, it usually got a bit messy. What I needed was an elevator speech, right? Like they teach you in business school – bait the hook and reel them in?  I don’t think so.

I chose this second career (although it rarely feels like work) because I love the difference that I am able to make in other’s lives, I really can’t think of to many things that are more rewarding to me.  When we need to get in better physical shape we don’t hesitate to hire a personal trainer. We see a therapist or life coach to help us sort out the pieces of our lives when things get rough.

It only makes sense that when we need support to be the healthiest version of ourselves that we seek out the assistance of a health coach!



Top 10 reasons you need a Health Coach:


1. You’ve got your doctors marching orders. Now what? We’ve all been there, the labs are in and it’s time for action. The doctor wants you to cut your sugar, reduce your stress or cholesterol, lose weight or any other number of things.  But wait – is there a prescription for that?

2. Your tired of going it alone. A health coach can be your guide on the side by being your confidante and supporting you through your journey. We all  need a cheerleader sometimes!

3. Goal setting and accountability. Create sustainable and lasting changes that fit your individual lifestyle.

4. Health coaches are great resources and often work in conjunction with referral partners. Acupuncturists, massage therapists, weight loss   programs,  chiropractors and essential oils.  Possibly even your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor.

5. Chronic illnesses. Chronic fatigue, Lyme, Lupus, Stress, Fibromyalgia and unfortunately, so many more. What I know from experience is that these diseases take their toll in so many ways not visible to others. For those of us who battle a chronic illness, life at times can be isolating and lonely. Doing what you can to improve your health, take control of what you are able and maintaining that warrior spirit is essential.

6. Weight loss. There are many dietary theories out there, but no one diet works for everyone. Yet most of us continue to try the latest and greatest only to find that we regain the weight. Considering your own unique make up, genetics and lifestyle a health coach can help you to craft a plan specifically designed for you to reach and sustain your desired goals.

7. Education and learning. In today’s busy world of confusing and often contradictory nutritional advice, it is difficult to know which path to follow.

8. You lead a very busy life need to manage your stress levels, increase your self care and take time for yourself. You need a PLAN.

9. Trusted source. A health coach can be your ears and eyes passing along hard learned information that you may not have time to research or obtain.

10. To be inspired to live your healthiest and happiest life!


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