Purium Health Products

In working with many of my clients, I hear a common and consistent theme. “I really want to get healthy but I just don’t have the time”.  Commitment or desire aren’t lacking, just the availability of time to shop, prepare and cook real and healthy foods in their busy daily lives. Purium Health Products provides a very easy and manageable way to jumpstart your health journey. I have taken several clients, friends and family members through Purium’s 10-day Transformation with some pretty amazing results. At the end of your 10 days you can either continue on or we can design a unique bridge program to healthy eating and habits specifically suited to your lifestyle.

All of Purium’s products are certified organic, GMO free as well as a large offering of gluten free items. Because of the superior quality of their products, you will not only feel remarkably better and release unwanted weight; you will eliminate unwanted toxins and improve the overall results of your lipid, blood sugar and blood pressure tests. There are options to sign up as a member (deepest discount) or purchase products retail. Either way I am offering you a FREE $50.00 Gift Card to get started! Simply use the code teri7798 in the Redeem Gift Card section on the website. Please be sure to get in touch with me first to see if this program is right for you and to help you navigate the many options that are available.

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