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 These relevant health topics can be utilized either as individual coaching sessions to compliment your learning and success or they can be taught as “Kitchen Conversation” workshops. Kitchen Conversation workshops are offered to groups at public or private locations. They are also offered in the work place during the lunch hour as a fun way to gather with your colleagues and enjoy during a “lunch and learn”.

Or maybe you’d like to host a “Healthy Happy Hour” for friends and family in the comfort of your own home! You supply the guests, goodies and inquiring minds and I’ll bring the education and fun, complete with recipes and handouts!

Individual sessions: (50 Minutes) $49.00 or add additional sessions at a discounted price.

Workshop sessions: Prices vary depending on the number of topics and attendees, please contact me for pricing.

Education Corner

Nutrition 101

Whether it is time to begin your journey or maybe just get back to the fundamentals, Nutrition 101 will provide a solid place to launch from.  Amongst other topics we’ll cover carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugars learning how they are assimilated by our bodies and how our individual choices affect our overall health.

The Fable of the Label

Mable, Mable – what’s on that label??? We need to know what is in our food. During this session you will understand how to read product labeling, about nutrition facts and ingredients and how to identify deceptive advertising.  If we can’t pronounce it, we probably shouldn’t be eating it!   This is one of the most requested classes.

Sweet Seduction

Ahh, those sugar blues. Since sugar is in almost everything we eat, it’s no wonder it is responsible for so many of today’s health issues. We’ll explore the addictive nature of sugar and learn how we can break the hold it has on us. We will identify the steps we need to take to detoxify both our minds and bodies. We’ll further learn how to identify sugar in its many forms and as the many names under which it is disguised.  

Garden to Blender

A “mini-version” of Farm to Table.   In this class we will play with the food, herbs and flowers that come directly from our gardens. What we can create is endless. Soups, sauces, pesto’s, marinades, smoothies and drinks, even ice cream! No garden? No worries!  This Master Gardener can help with that too!  

Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

“I’m ready to get healthier but have no idea how to start” If this is you, you are definitely not alone – I hear this statement often. In today’s busy world of confusing and often contradictory nutritional advice, it is hard to know where to begin. This session will help you gain insight and create simplified steps to take based on your individual lifestyle and needs.

Pantry Makeover (this is done in two individual sessions)

Can you say FUN? This is probably my favorite session. During our time together we will discuss goal setting, creating a healthy kitchen, meal planning and shopping tips. We will “cleanse” your pantry and give it a makeover complete with a restocking shopping list. Add a grocery shopping trip at your local health food store at a discounted price!

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